Student Discipline

At Florence Elementary, helping students learn to be responsible is a goal we are all working towards together. We strive for excellence in all areas. We encourage all students to take responsibility for their own behavior. Age-appropriate rules and consequences are clearly stated in the classroom and shared with families, effectively taught, and implemented in a fair and consistent manner.

We persistently work to create a positive and safe environment for all students. It is the right of every child to have the best education possible. As a community it is our obligation to create and maintain a safe environment.

At Florence, we believe it is important to always do the right thing, even if no one is watching. We follow the Falcon Way of showing respect:

  • Smile and say kind words to each other.

  • Make eye contact.

  • Never roll your eyes, smack your lips, or use language that shows disrespect.

  • Always say please and thank you.

  • Transition quickly, quietly, and orderly with all necessary materials.

  • No moaning (whining) or complaining.

  • Quickly learn the names of other teachers, support staff and students and greet them by name at appropriate times with appropriate volume.

  • After eating breakfast or lunch, be responsible for your trash.

  • Say "excuse me" if someone bumps into you, even if it is not your fault.

  • Let an adult know if someone is bothering you.

  • Be respectful towards visiting teachers and always follow the classroom rules.

  • Be a good winner o looser by congratulating each other for doing well and encouraging others when they don't do so well.


When problems occur in or out of the classroom, the staff will use this opportunity to teach problem solving strategies to the student(s). Additionally, when students are following the Falcon Way, they will be positively recognized. Interventions include the following: Think Sheets, Table Tickets, Referrals and a positive recognition.

Refocus Sheets

  • Think Sheets may be used to redirect misbehavior in the classroom. A think sheet asks the student to reflect in writing about his/her behavior and consider how they may act in the future. Having a student complete a Think Sheet is a learning opportunity.

  • A Think Sheet requires a teacher's signature, a student's signature and a parent's signature. It is expected that a Think Sheet with the parent's signature will be returned the next school day.

Table Tickets

  • Table Tickets may be used to redirect misbehavior both in and out of the classroom. A Table Ticket can be issued by any staff member on campus.

  • A copy of the Table Ticket will require a parent signature and is to be returned the next school day.

As appropriate, the teacher will contact the family to inform them about the issue. Together staff and family will develop strategies to help the student learn

from his/her actions. In support of school-wide respect, it is the responsibility of the family to discuss misbehavior.


  • A referral is a written account by a staff member for severe misbehavior.

  • The student is sent to conference with the principal.

  • A referral is written for the following reasons:

  • Fighting - willfully causing minor/major injuries to a student

  • Major disruptions - shouting at adults/classmates, throwing objects

  • Harassment - aggressive pressure or intimidation

  • Profanity directed towards adults

  • Leaving the classroom without permission/not returning to class

  • Stealing

  • Vandalism

  • Severe and/or persistent misconduct

Depending on the severity of the action, immediate suspension may be issued.

Additionally the following consequences may occur:

  • A family conference with the teacher and/or principal may be requested

  • Denial of special privileges, assemblies, field trips, etc...

  • Family may be requested to accompany their child to class for a minimum of two hours to be determined by the principal.

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